Saturday, July 4, 2015

Equality for All

Hypocrisy is all around us. We love watching two women or two men having sexual relations for self-gratification behind closed doors, but then we judge and humiliate them in public. Why this is such a problem? This only proves more and more the ignorance and two-face standards.

Homosexuality is a topic fought for ages. Unfortunately, we hear and see hatred, rejection, generalization, misunderstanding, and most of all the ignorance about it. There is proof of the same sex selection and pairing in hundreds of species worldwide. Experimenting attraction and desire to love our same sex it is not rare to do or live to. Believing that being homosexual is a “choice” it is of great ignorance. We do not choose to be Latinos, black, white, Asians, disables, or geniuses. We are born the way we are born without any choice to do so.

Day by day we encounter constant hatred and ignorance about race, sexual attraction, religion, social level, etc. When would be over these issues that prove nothing but the segregation of society. The time to eliminate all of these issues is way over due. Loving, understanding, but most of all acceptance of who they are and who we are it is the evolution to follow. Becoming one will promote survival and peace. Just as in the beginning of civilization body modifications symbolized the evolution of our civilization through art. This became a signature for who and what we are. Not comparing the evolution of body arts to who we are as humans, but a beginning to understanding with simplicity.

 When we call others derogative names or act violently towards them or behind closed doors do not proves anything, but clarifies who we really are internally as a person. Giving others the respect we all deserve will return the respect back to us. This will bring a better future one step at the time. Let us grow and evolve as a specie that understands and believes in human race as a caring and acceptable race. Let us stop all of those negative name calling to our brothers and sisters that trust and believe in us no matter of our sexual preference, race, ethnicity, religion, believes. We own them the same love, respect, and understanding.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Evolution in the Workplace

As old as time is, body art has being a signature of our evolution as humans. From the beginning of what we call society body art like tattoos, branding, piercing, and other type of body modifications are symbolism of social statue. Slowly this decreased for centuries till today. As we all grow into what we call the “Millennials Generation,” we slowly bring the acceptance of the body arts into the workplace.

Not judging a book by its cover has become a necessity to companies as the look or physical image of an employee is no longer a generalization towards the negative look of body arts or persona. Giving the chance to prove that a tattooed employee is as or better than the rest of the employees of the company has given them a new opportunity to reach the so called “rebels, artists, expressionists” of our times.

Giving the opportunity to our so-called “new trends” implies wider reach and understanding of the target audience of companies looking to grow in today’s market.

Companies like The Daily Buzz and Emotional Mojo have seen this at first hand. Giving the opportunity to their employees not by the look of their appearance, but by their work etiquette and social skills. Thanks to this they have reach a wider circle of quality in the workplace. Following companies like The Daily Buzz and Emotional Mojo will set an example for the evolution of the workplace and the quality of employees.

Setting yourself apart and accepting the right employee based on their experience and work etiquette will set you apart and put you ahead of many others that still believe in withholding the old believes and work standards.

If you still don’t believe in such workplace evolution check this amazing article on Forbes website by Rachel Hennessey “Tattoos No Longer A Kiss of Death In The Workplace

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Developing and building your business ideas

When developing and building the idea for your business, always remember that the search of good advice it is a most. Having these tips and guidelines will create a more clear vision of your business planning.

Here, I present you with Steve Blank and Carl Schramm. They give us some basic and common knowledge to create a business plan that will present a clear vision of your business.

Steve Blank is a New York City native. He changes his career path from being an entrepreneur to teach the art of entrepreneurship to undergraduates and graduates at the U.C Berkley, and Stanford amount others.

Steve also has an amazing amount of years of experience with technology companies giving him a wide range of knowledge in the field. After 21 years he retires and decided to be a co-founder his last company E.piphany with two semiconductor companies Zilog and MIPS Computers, and other small companies to expand his vision.

Steve delivers very important points on the development of a business plan, stating that A business plan is the execution document that large companies write when planning product-line extensions where customer, market and product features are known. The plan describes the execution strategy for addressing these “known.” (, 2013).

With this being said, the research and maximum understanding of your target market will determine the grade of success of your business planning.

Now, here we have Carl Schramm a PhD economist and CEO of The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Carl sits on boards and manages his personal angel investments - An angel investor is typically a high net worth individual who invests capital directly into a start-up or early-stage company in exchange for stock. – (, 2013).

Carl shares a very important steps and information for a good business planning. He points out without a doubt the characteristics of a good entrepreneur. So check this information and follow to expand your knowledge and skills in the business world.

Now, take some time and plan your strategy and you can see without a doubt the grand influence pass through planning to your future investors. This will put a distance you from your current and future competitors.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Building The Tainted Angels

Hello everyone,

We humbly present ourselves to all of you today. We do so, to present a project that has become very deer to us and to many of the people we have told about the mission and view of our project "The Tainted Angels."

This project is a fusion of love for the skin arts like tattoos, piercing, body alterations, music, film, photography, and any other form of art.

This project is to build a place where any one of you can feel at home and be able to express yourself without limitations and be free of prejudice of any kind.

To do so, we put ourselves here to ask for your help to build this community. We have many people ready to be part of this amazing movement and community.

Only the necessity of equipment and funds to set everything on the right path it is in much need. This is just some of the small obstacles we confront at this moment, but with your help we can move forward with The Tainted Angels.

The need for cameras, software, hardware, and fees are the basics for the take off of The Tainted Angels. Your help will bring more than just a stepping stone for expression, but a stepping stone of freedom and union.

Help us paint the world with love, art, and understanding. Join us and help us bring a voice to the world of equality, love, understanding and passion for the arts without limits.

Here is a bit more about The Tainted Angels view and mission.

Company’s Description

The Tainted Angels will be a company that will be the stepping-stone for the voice of the skin arts lifestyle and full accessibility services for the disable. It will be the platform for audiences with skin arts (tattoos), body alterations (piercings, body modification, etc.), and love for all forms of art. The Tainted Angels Company will be based in Orlando Florida and a subdivision in Saint Petersburg, FL. 

Company’s Mission
The Tainted Angels Company view its mission as to create a home for self-expressions without limits throughout all the areas of the entertainment industry. It will provide the best and most reliable services to all clientele that loves the skin arts and support the demand of the accessibility services for the clientele with visual and hearing disabilities.

Company’s Services
The Tainted Angels Company will offer the services of: photography, video and audio productions, audio description, closed caption, and sign language translations. 

The photography services will be presented as indoors, outdoors, or special themes photo shoot packages giving a variety of selections to the clientele. 

Accessibility services will be produced accordingly to the customer’s needs from basic to large-scale productions of sign language translations, closed captioning, audio description, BRAILLE translations, and other services.

So please help us make this possible and spread the voice!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jimmy WheelZ Documentary

Hello everyone,
 It's been a while since I have been here, but for good reasons. We have been working on some projects and here is one of them for you to enjoy and pass it along for others to see.

So come along and help us with this phase for the Tainted Angels. 
With your help we will be able to spread the voice and love.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Angels in Black And White

Following our prior posts, we continue with the photography and poetry book-publishing concept.  In this post the focus will be directed towards black and white photography.

This is a concept in photography that has transcended through the ages since photography was invented. Black and white photography is an unbelievable technique which has established itself in the most influential method of expression in our history and society. This is an amazing fact, since we all see the world in colors and everything today it has to be high definition.

The black and white photography digs deeper in the mind and soul of the audience, especially when the human eye can only see colors in a range of 3 percent and 97 percent in black and white.

Having this information in hand can help you and define your audience in an unimaginable way. Knowing some statistics in the visual limitation history can improve your expansion towards a more diverse audience.

For example, we have millions of our brothers and sisters in the world that suffer from a variety list of visual disabilities or different variations of color blindness such as:

 · Red-green deficiencies (most common category)
                        I. Protanopia and protanomaly are red deficiencies.
               II. Deuteranopia and deuteranomaly are green deficiencies.

· Tritanopia is a less common deficiency and it is based on the color blue deficiency.

· Rod monochromacy or achromacy it is the most extreme case of color blindness in which no color is visible at all.

Having the human eye capabilities of differencing in the amount of light and darkness we can perceive, black and white will be your key point of visual communication to a bigger mass. Just remember shoot in colors, but know your:

  • Compositions
  • Color ranges
  • Especially your gamma ranges 

Make them part of your daily work till it becomes second nature.

Using this information not just for an advantage to expand your market, but to also understand and share our visions with others can set your work apart from others.

On our next post, we will provide some tips to acquire better techniques to use in your black and white photography.

Stay close to the Tainted Angels and remember to have…

“Expressions Without Limits”

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Angels in Key

Hello everyone;

Once again the Tainted Angels are here for more information and updates in our entertainment industry. In this post, we will talk about an amazing tool and site called the Mixed In key. This is a crazy tool for those of you who love to mix and perform live.

This is what Mixed In key is all about - it analyzes the harmonies and melodies of your music. It shows you the musical key of every track, and helps you choose tracks that are harmonically compatible with each other (, 2013).

Now, wouldn’t you love to be able to do this every time and amaze your fans and friends with smooth transitions, performances, and productions? .... I do!!!

It is such an incredible tool that the Top DJs and EDM producers in the industry have been using it for years. Artists like: David Guetta, Kaskade, Dubfire, Sebastian Ingrosso, Markus Schulz and many others keep it in their must have tool kits.

The program is compatible with Tracktor, Ableton Live, Serato, Pioneer CDJs, and lots of other DJ applications. So, what are you waiting for to try it?

We cannot remember many things, especially when we are caught up in the ecliptic moments of creation. 
Mix from the Past 80's Style.
Harmonics will flow like waterfalls through your PA system and your audience will be in such ecstasy with your flow… Can you imagine that? The Angels are constantly looking for that little tool that will expand your skills and love for the arts and we can say that applications, plugins, and programs like this on can bring new and broader horizons for our creative minds.

Tainted Angels will keep bringing more and more information and reviews to all of you, we love the arts and we love the entertainment industry, so we fuse them all here…. 

Expressions without Limits!!!